The Wild Body Wisdom Workshop

Learn how to reclaim the natural health, vitality and intelligence of your body through ritual, dance, yoga and breathwork.

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The Wild Body Wisdom Workshop

Do you feel that your body is weighed down by sluggishness, stagnation or old energy?

Are you ready to shed the outdated skin you're in to emerge renewed in your power and vitality?

Would you like to reclaim the wild wisdom of your body so that you can express yourself in the most juicy, vital and authentic way?

Join Monica Douglas for a 90 minute workshop of inspiration and short practices to support you listen to your wild body wisdom.

In this foundational and introductory workshop of The Wild Wisdom Wellness Mentorship you will:

  • develop increased confidence in your body's capacity for movement and awareness of the areas where you still feel restricted
  • get clarity about the minimum actions you need to take to nurture more of your wild body wisdom
  • explore the impact that listening to the true needs of your body will have on your life.

You will leave this session with more access to your juicy, wild, intuitive body. You can harness and use this energy and insight to bring more joy, happiness, clarity, focus and connection into your life.

During the session Monica will invite you to:

  • tune in to your wild body wisdom and take appropriate action based on the 4 I's of Intention.
  • reflect on the power of ritual, structure, support and consistent practice in reclaiming your wild body wisdom
  • participate in a series of short movement processes, guided practices and rituals to support you to feel lighter, grounded, energised and ready to move forward
  • create your wild body wisdom nurture plan so that you know what you need to do as a minimum to have a body that is wild, wise and well in 2021.

How can I make sure that I can participate fully?

  • Have access to a computer or smartphone with Internet so that you can logon to the Zoom platform
  • Wear comfortable clothes with room to move in i.e. joggers/leggings and a t-shirt.
  • A sweater warm blanket or mat for stretch and cool down.
  • Bring water to drink and stay hydrated
  • Be in a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed if possible
  • Bring a journal, paper, pens, a candle and something to light it with for the ritual
  • Bring an open mind, a willing heart and your dancing pants.

If you buy the recorded session, you'll be invited to attend the next live workshop too.

Yes, Yes, Yes, I'm in!