Are you ready to discover your Wild Wisdom?

Are you ready to break free, rewild, tap into your instinct, intuition, insight and inspiration to expand into the fullest potential of your body, heart, mind, soul and environment?

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Have you been moving to the beat of someone else's drum, someone else’s version of success and not your own?


Is it time for you to ground, embody your truth and be who you are meant to be?


Do you procrastinate over doing what you know you need to do?


Do you feel your physical body, energy, state, environment and actions don’t fully match your expressed intentions?


Have you made a commitment to take positive steps toward achieving the goals you’ve set for your life and work this year?



Then you're invited to join The Wild Wisdom Wellness Mentorship with Monica Douglas


What is The Wild Wisdom Wellness Mentorship?

It’s your space to reclaim your wildness, trust your inner wisdom and BE well in your body, heart, mind and soul.

It’s a mentorship because you’ll be supported by someone who has taken the journey before you. You'll get moving and be encouraged to step out of the old restrictive skin that you’ve been living in to emerge embodied, bright and ready to shine your light fully in the world.

Join The Wild Wisdom Wellness Mentorship

What do you get out of being part of The Wild Wisdom Wellness Mentorship?

You get the opportunity to be supported in a really deep way, the opportunity to really step into your fullness, your wildness, your wiseness, your wellness, so that you can show up more fully in your business, so you can be more authentic in what you do and you can say no, you can say yes, congruently to the things that you really want.

And that means that you're going to be more successful, more profitable, happier, more joyful in your business, work and life.

It's really that simple.

Join The Wild Wisdom Wellness Mentorship


Teacher and Coach

There have been some very clear shifts. I have moved house. I have up levelled my career. I have really moved into a different place with regard to my relationship with my femininity and the woman who I truly am today.


Female Success Coach

The most powerful aspects were to be seen in my light and held safely while doing this inner work and healing, plus the quantum leaps from sharing the journey with others. A key achievement was to manage our dream move to live in a new environment in Cornwall that has created hugely positive impact on wellness and feeling fully alive again.


Government Officer

Your dance classes have made such a difference. Monica, I received release and freedom after almost a year of being single. From today's session, I took joy, love and connectedness.

The Wild Wisdom Wellness Mentorship

The Wild Wisdom Wellness Mentorship is an ongoing membership with a combination of movement, group ritual and transformational support.

I ask that you commit to at least 3 months at a time as I know that the real benefits come from immersion and consistent practice over time.

This is a mentoring programme because I'll be teaching you what I know and have applied myself. It's not just coaching from theory; this is deep wisdom I want you to find within yourself.

You’ll have the opportunity to engage with The Wild Wisdom in different ways to meet your needs - dance, ritual, ceremony, nurturing yoga, meditations, emotion code clearing, spiritual counselling, REAP Abundance practices, nurturing journey exercises, reflections and whatever else feels good.

Join The Wild Wisdom Wellness Mentorship

It’s a space where you will be encouraged to go deep within, laugh, dance, cry and express yourself in any way that brings you confidence, clarity and joy.


It’s a journey during which you will be supported, seen and validated in your growth by others who are doing the same.


It’s about movement and stillness, uniqueness and unity, support while you develop inner strength and faith in who you are and what you do.

The Wild Wisdom Wellness Mentorship



Basic monthly subscription £39

  • Get a taste for the practices and see what value it brings
  • A wonderful way to get started
  • It will get you moving even if you're only able to show up a few times a month
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Going Steady


Quarterly subscription of £108

  • You get the Dating plus
  • Give yourself time to deepen into the practices and see the difference
  • Receive a bonus 1:1 laser mentoring session worth £50 for committing to the programme for 12 weeks. 
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£360 for 12 months

  • You get Dating, Going Steady plus
  • Receive a bonus Body Code Session worth £100
  • Get two months free - save £72
  • Structure, clarity and first-level support for you over 12 months
  • Gain the real benefits of immersion and consistent practice over time
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Let’s break it down a bit more for you

What does The Wild Wisdom Mentorship include?

Live Weekly Wild Wisdom Dance Sessions

  • Move it Monday Groove Session
  • Wild Wisdom Temple Groove Session
  • Fierce Fit Friday Groove Session
  • Soul Liberation Sunday Groove Session

Live and Recorded Monthly Wild Wisdom Temple Sessions

  • Wild Wisdom Yoga or Yoga Nidra Practice
  • Wild Wisdom Reflection Ritual
  • Wild Wisdom Q and A
  • Wild Wisdom Oracle Reading
  • Wild Wisdom Wild Card

Live and Recorded Quarterly Wild Wisdom Workshops

  • Wild Body Wisdom
  • Wild Heart Wisdom
  • Wild Mind Wisdom
  • Wild Soul Wisdom

50% discount off Public Access Workshops and Trainings throughout the year

  • The Wild Wisdom of Decluttering Workshop
  • The Wild Wisdom of Forgiveness
  • The Wild Wisdom of Gratitude
  • The Wild Wisdom of Heartbreak Workshop
  • The Wild Wisdom of Yogic Cleansing Workshop
  • The Wild Wisdom of Yoga for Back Care Course
  • The Wild Wisdom of The Divine Feminine
  • The Wild Wisdom of The Divine Masculine
  • The Wild Wisdom of Unity Consciousness
  • The Wild Wisdom of The Chakras
Join The Wild Wisdom Wellness Mentorship