Is it time for you to...

release overwhelm, overwork & stagnation

stop people pleasing, hiding your truth & your light

reclaim your joy, energy & vitality

be supported to move forward

with purpose, strength & confidence?

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Mentoring for courageous people who desire to be wild, wise & well

No matter your level of desire and current capacity for change The Wild Wisdom Wellness Mentorship has a supportive pathway for you.


The Exploration pathway includes all of the foundation practices and workshops for The Wild Wisdom Wellness Mentorship. It's a great value way to get you moving and work on your wellness even if you are only able to show up for a couple of group events in a month.

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The Emersion pathway encourages you to emerge from whatever has held you back through a combination of Group and 1:1 mentoring support. You receive all of the practices from the Exploration Pathway plus inner circle work. It will help you to reignite your spark, hone your awareness, skills and abilities to enable you to move forward with confidence.

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The embodiment pathway is for those who are ready to fully embody The Wild Wisdom. You receive all of the practices from the Exploration pathway plus immersive 1:1 mentoring support and a personal foundation retreat.  We will use intensive practices, reflection, meditation, ceremony, spiritual counselling and 1:1 mentoring support tailored specifically to your needs.

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Let's embody

The Wild Wisdom


Hi, I'm Monica and I mentor courageous coaches, teachers and professionals to reclaim their wildness, trust their inner wisdom & BE WELL in body, heart, mind, soul & environment.

As a result of what I do people move from being overwhelmed, overworked and stuck to being wild, juicy, free and in flow.


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Don't know where to start?  

Browse popular foundation workshops and mentorship options.  

Wild Wisdom Groove, Yoga & Breathwork

Dance, yoga and breathwork are great ways to release stuck energy and emotions from your body, heart, mind and soul.  Dance is the main movement modality within Join Monica and other Wild Wisdom Dance Mentors for LIVE Dance sessions throughout the week. On Wild Wisdom Wednesday we will also add yoga, yoga nidra, meditation and breathwork practices. Members will be able to access the recordings of these sessions plus at least two playlists per month.  

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Wild Wisdom Transformational Workshops

We know that change is a process not an event but workshops can be the catalyst to initiate a wider commitment to embodied change. Wild Wisdom Transformational Workshops include a combination of guided movement, reflection, ritual, stillness and embodiment practices. There are various workshop themes that will be open to public and members only examples include: The Wild Body Wisdom Workshop, Wild Heart Wisdom Workshop - how to acknowledge, heal and move forward after relationship breakdown. 

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Wild Wisdom Temple

Ritual & Ceremony

The Wild Wisdom Temple is the place for you to participate in Wild Wisdom ritual and ceremony. Some ceremonies will be public, some group and some individual.  This is a sacred space for people of any faith or none to explore the power of ritual and ceremony for all phases of life.  You'll be supported, seen and validated in your growth by others who are doing the same. It’s about movement and stillness, uniqueness and unity.  You will receive support while you develop inner strength and faith in who you are and what you do.  

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What can you expect from The Wild Wisdom Wellness Mentorship?

The Wild Wisdom Wellness Mentorship is a synergistic approach to wellness which involves moving the body, opening the heart, clearing the mind, soothing the soul and taking care of your environment. No matter which pathway you take, you can count on three things:

Support & Connection

You'll be supported by Monica and her team of mentors in training. You'll connect with people who inspire you and awaken the highest, brightest most radiant parts of you.  New friends, colleagues and peers are on the way.


This work is for the brave and the courageous. You'll be encouraged to go beyond your comfort zone, to get clear what being wild is for you, to listen to you inner wisdom and be fierce in your commitment to wellness.


The beauty of this approach is that you have different ways to engage with your mentorship. You can dip your toes in by yourself, take a walk alongside a small group or deep dive 1:1.  If you are unsure which option to go for book in a 20 minute clarity call with Monica HERE.


From £39/Month

Our Exploration Mentorship

  • Unlimited LIVE Wild Wisdom Dance - Minimum of 16 per month.
  • Live and recorded Wild Wisdom Workshops 1 x a month
  • Monthly Wild Wisdom Temple Ritual and Ceremony 4 x a month
Want 1:1 or small group work? Book in to speak to Monica for options

Mentorship means access to support, connection and resources 

Sign up for The Exploration mentorship, and enjoy unlimited access to live events and workshops.  


"Dancing with Monica has become an essential part of my self nurturing. Initially I was very reluctant, stiff and self conscious, but I soon began to appreciate the joy and freedom of dancing. It is hugely liberating and has helped me ensure a sense of wholeness."


"Thank you Monica for creating a beautiful judgement free space. A wonderful time to move and express ourselves freely. Love your choice of music , paced well ending with a gentle period of stillness and meditation."


"Monica's Groove Spirit is so inspiring and contagious. You are always welcomed, however you are feeling and whatever is going on in your life. You can guarantee feeling nourished, peaceful and alive after a Groove session with this amazing woman!"


"The dance allows you to move through, alchemise, and embody your thoughts and emotions fully, leaving you with a sense of wholeness. The great thing and a major contributing factor is that you can do this in connection with others, held within the tender, joyful space created by the phenomenon that is Monica Douglas!"


"Moving the body is a potent way to get things moving energetically and emotionally through your system and keep you feeling fresh and vital......Monica holds a fun safe and encouraging space for everyone and anyone to get their groove on and enjoy yourself too."


"Nothing pretentious, nothing precious, just move to great music. The lessons are online, which means no pressure of having people around you. The benefit for me has been that I have become more fluid in my movements and less precious about doing things 'right'. All in all grooving with Monica is a winner."

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